Will my Telstra Mobile Sim card work in my satellite phone

One of the questions we get asked daily. is “Will my Telstra satellite phone Mobile Sim card work in my Iridium satellite phone?

The answer is yes and no,  you see when Telstra had 2G Sim cards you used to be able to place your Sim card into your iridium phone and the majority of time it worked.  Now they have 3G and moving to 4G Sim cards, which means that we have seen only a limited number of sim cards work in the new iridium 9555 satellite phone

So watch out the blogs and forums out there that are very misleading, as they are out of date and they go back to the days of the iridium 950 5A,  where you used to be able to use your Telstra sim card within your satellite phone. Without having a satellite phone contract. However since 3 G and now 4Gand the Sim cards themselves change size and clients tell us that after seven years that less than 50% of the time that putting your old Telstra Sim card in your satellite phone actually works.

Would you want to take the risk on top of that Telstra airtime charge,  you not only pay two dollars per 30 seconds plus a flag fall, around 50 cents every time you connect, they also charge you for incoming calls to the tune of seven dollars per 30 seconds to receive calls.

Why would you bother, Telstra aren’t that dumb they track you are using the Mobile Sim that has satellite phone calls and charge you accordingly. You see Telstra are simply a reseller for iridium and iridium airtime so if they’re paying satellite phone rates do not think they will pass them on to you.

So when it comes to whether you want to use your iridium satellite phone prepaid card or your iridium post paid airtime contract versus using your standard cellular Mobile Sim card,  the decision in my opinion is easy.

You’ve invested for a purpose and a reason and is quite probably safety,  if that’s the case then don’t waste your time by using the Telstra prepaid Sim from your standard mobile phone,  invest in a prepaid card or go on contract,  I guarantee you it’s Murphy’s Law that the day you need that phone to work is the day the you’re in trouble do not do it just a few hundred dollars.

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